Kaldras – Elven peddler that hired the party as caravan guards. Once the goods were safely delived, tried to capture the party and sell them as slaves.

Tellemon – Guard Captain. Forced the party to prove their innocence in the arena. Later killed by a Mul gladiator, to prevent the assassination of Governor Arisphistaneles. Also determined to be a member of “True”

Birk – Dwarf Beggar. Actually a member of the “Veiled Alliance” in the employ of Governor Arisphistaneles. Hired the Mul Gladiator to kill Tellemon.

Governor Arisphistaneles – Governor of Altaruk. Secret member of the “Veiled Alliance”. Target of a “True” plot assassination. Thankful to the party for helping him discover the true reason for the killing of Tellemon without compromising Birk or himself as “Veiled Alliance” members. Has offered to sponsor any member that wants to join the “Veiled Alliance”. He also will pick up any room and board costs while the party is in Altaruk.

Rhotan – Wavir trademaster. Hired the party to locate the Vault of Darom Madar thought to be hidden in the Canyon of Gothay.

Iseel – Elven relative of the Silver Hand chieftain. Hired the party to deliver a letter for Toramund to Isaan (her brother) a trader in Silver Springs

Toramund – Silver Hand Chieftain


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