Troy's Darksun

Prep for Dec 17th

- Your party is approached by Wavir trademaster Rhotan. He says he was referred to you by Governer Arisphistanels. Rhotan has recently come into possession of some very valuable information. In Balic, he encountered a drunken human in a seedy tavern who claimed to be a descendant of Darom Madar, the last elder of the long-dead Madar merchant house. In addition, the man claimed to know the location of Darom Madar’s treasure vault, which he offered to Rhotan for the sum of 30 gp. Rhotan is no fool, but 30 gp seemed a small price to pay for what could be the location of one of the greatest lost treasures of Athas.

Although the man did not know the exact location of the treasure vault, he told Rhotan that it lay within the Canyon of Gothay near the alluvial sand wastes in the Tablelands east of Tyr. The vault is rumored to contain vast wealth, from metal coins, armor, and weapons to priceless artifacts dating from Athas’ more verdant past.

Rhotan asks you to search the Canyon of Gothay and ascertain if the vault exists. If it does, it undoubtedly holds more wealth than the you can hope to carry away youself. Therefore, Rhotan offers you a pick of any treasure the vault may contain plus a 10 percent share once the remainder of the goods and artifacts are sold in Tyr, Rhotan’s next destination.

Rhotan and his caravan travel with you, although they will not aid you in combat. He also will not enter the Canyon of Gothay until you have found the vault and cleared any threats to their safety.

- While stilll in Altaruk, you are approached by an elven woman named Iseel who claims to be a relative of the fearsome Silver Hand chieftain. She says she has information about the chieftain’s son but refuses to tell you what this information entails. Iseel asks you to deliver a message to Toramund. If you agree to deliver the message, Iseel pays you 10 gp and tells you her brother Isann, a trader at Silver Springs, will pay you further 10 gp and one day’s worth of food and water when you complete the task. (the rewards are per person)



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